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Professional Coaching

& training

Chers visitors, the English version of espace confiance website is under construction. 
Thanl you for your patience. In the meantime, feel free to contact us : 
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You would like to ...
  • target an objective that seems difficult to reach

  • prepare yourself mentally for an important issue

  • change perspectives clarify things and move forward more efficently 

Feel self-confidence, mobilize yourself, make a sustainable difference and create new openings.


and seek for a professional support from a trustful coaches and trainers.

Le coaching
Who am I, are we?

Professional coach and trainer, I guide and accompany people and companies in a transition.


I help them find a better self-confidence, motivation and sense to their projects. 

I provide coaching suitable to numerous situations. 

I hold team building and self development workshops, to enlarge soft-skills competences and leadership

Together with my partners, we give trainings on active listening, motivation, and NLP fundamentals ...

Qui suis-je

Difficult ?

« It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare that they seem difficult

Coaching in companies &organizations

You are a director, HR manager, head of training and development, you have managerial responsabilities.

You seek for a quality coaching and trainings that participates in the competences development and fulfilment of your employeess.

With espace confiance you will allow your teams to open a space and the the opportunity to stand back, get some perspective to move forward facing their challenges. 

Our professional and experienced coaches and trainers, passionates by transmission of knowledge and softkills, and know-how provide you with a partnership mindset:

  • individual and team coaching accompaniment

  • group workshops

  • trainings

        "The Art of active listening for a better guidance" 

        "Discover the motivational profiles ..."

  • programme Develop your leadership awareness

  • the training nuggets or pépites 

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