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Develop your leadership

Develop your leadership

The programme to reveal the leader inside of you with awareness! 


You may already see yourself as a leader or, on the contrary you may not have ever asked yourself the question: "do I show any leadership?". 

Nevertheless you feel you have a real potential that needs to express itself and develop, to allow your dreams come true, and let you reach something remarquable and fulfilling. 


For which reasons attend the programme

You would like to take the opportunity of this programme to: 

  • reveal your leadership awareness

  • realize your values, widen perpectives and increase opportunities

  • develop your mental strategies (decision, motivation and creativity)

  • complete your emotional intelligence

  • and find out how to embrace an open and generative posture through which you may energize the world around you

To whom the program is intended?

The programme is intended to you who would like to return home with competences, know-how and tools to improve  self-knowledge and self-awareness, and create prospective development.

For you who hold managerial positions, you employee, entrepreneur or intrapreneur person willing to assert your ambition and your leadership posture, fulfil your potential among a collaborative whole. 

Thanks to the program you also may ...

  • increase the confidence in your capacities and the ambitions you grow,

  • boost your motivation,

  • develop self-knowledge deeper,

  • discover and learn magical and powerful tools - allowing the development of strategies and anchorage or resources - applicable to many future situations,

  • develop a mindset based on a supportive field and collective intelligence, to live in a better harmony with the world around you

  • espace confiance  Leadership lausanne

    Tariffs to public including

    6 sessions of 2 hours:

    2 persons :   960 CHF/person

    Individually :  1’260 CHF/person

    equiv. 80.-/h/person formula with 2

         105.-/h/person individual coaching

         instead of CHF 140.-/ hour


    This includes a 25% discount. 

    Valid until the end of May 2021.

    Tariffs for corporations on demand,

    and on services to companies


    How the programme works

    It is prensented (*):

  • in 6 sessions of 2 hours

  • individually

  •      or in a group of 2 people 

  • face to face, or online

  • (*) It is also available online in groups up to 8 people, or face to face when the sanitary restrictions may be withdrawn.

    For the groups of 10-14 people, the coaching is with 2 coaches/trainers in a tandem.

    The objectives of the programme:

  • discover & reveal your leadership and leadership awareness

  • embody your mission, vision and role

  • establish your identity signature

  • develop self-knowledge and self-awareness & your emotional intelligence

  • adopt a mindset based on collective intelligence and generativity

  • Discovery session via Zoom (60')
    Wednesday April 28 at 6.30 pm

    I register!


    Giovanna Amadore Christine Dougoud
    Individual accompagny or in group of 2 (*) with the coach of your choice:
    Christine Dougoud

    Certified Coach and trainer

    Giovanna Amadore Isherwood

    Certified Coach and trainer

    (Trainer the trainers in the Swiss federal BFFA Program)

    The two are professionals passionate by self-development and transmission of knowledge and know-how. 

    Possible Locations: 

    Avenue d'Ouchy 30

    1006 Lausanne

    Clos d'Aubonne 2

    1814 La Tour de Peilz


    or online via Zoom 

    (*) NB : It is also given to groups in corporations with two coaches for groups larger that 8 people, (3 x 1/2 days), 

    in French or English. 


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