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What I like seing and feeling

I like ...

- Creating a space of confidence and trust, of creativity, good energy and flow


- Taking the time necessary for oneself, and for the other


- Giving confidence, say « you are capable » 


- Welcoming the emotions, observe them, understand their meanings 


- Facilitating the awareness on obstacles, beliefs and resources 


- Focusing on what is important, give a meaning, touch to the essential

I like ...

- Encouraging the access to dreams and creativity 

- Helping the person to stand back, and put another lighting 

- Giving incentives, the impulse, restore enthusiasm 


- Encouraging the grip of responsability, commitment, inspire and transmit 

- Suggesting accessible tools, appropriate them

- Feeling touched by the trust granted to me and listen to feedbacks 

- Feeling the impact of my guidance on the evolution 

I acccompany on the path, helping make the first step towards change, scatter seeds in the field of possibilities.

Supportive Coaching Sessions – Guiding towards change

I offer my support to bring a new lighting on your situation, on yourself and lead you to new perspectives of change, may these ones be personal or professional.



Difficult ?

« It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, but because we do not dare that they seem difficult

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