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Christine Dougoud coach
coaching enfant

6 to 13 years old

Individual coaching  support :

  - 1st session to get acquainted, clarify the objective and start

 - 1 hour session in person with the child, in presence of the parent(s)

     Tariff 1 hour session: 135 CHF (*)

The coaching mandate operates within a frame decided after a preliminary interview.

Sometimes, one single session is sufficient to reach the objective (regainconfidence, activate resources, implement a "successful strategy").

It is possible to extend the support over additional sessions.

Coaching principles are the same as for adults ; communication tools and techniques are adapted to youth, like:

  • resourceful strategies 

  • successful strategies (of Leonardo di Vinci, of Walt Disney)

  • conversational hypnosys and reframing

  • mental imaging

  • postural reframing

  • perception positioning in the drawing

  • Eye Movement Actualisation

as well as a whole series of techniques of anchoring in playing, that children and young people naturally take ownership of.

During sessions, children and teenagers converse, draw and move ; They progress with cards games, objects and physical postures.

Some of the techniques are also helpful for coaching adults opening the subconscious, to creativity, intuition, and mental visualisation.

I hold a certificate of Professional coach from ID Com International (training accredited by the ICF), a diploma of Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and a “NLP Jeunesse” Certificate from ID Com International, for coaching kids and teenagers with NLP.

(*) Tariffs are reserved for private individuals that finance their own coaching. Tariffs are VAT included.

A session may be postponed only with a 24 hour notice.

Terms and conditions: The full payment of the coaching package and workshops is due 48 hours in advance of the first coaching session, at the latest.

Invoices are sent after receipt of payment.

IBAN : CH94 0076 7000 U539 7269 9

BCV Lausanne, Code Bic : BCVLCH2LXXX

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coaching enfant
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