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When everything goes well, well-being at work is ...
  • being valued and recognized for the projects and the missions entrusted to us,

  • feeling appreciated and integrated into our environment, by our hierarchy, colleagues and collaborators,


  • being entrusted with demanding tasks, which offer a rewarding challenge, then the satisfaction of exceeding our own expectations,

  • feeling connected to our own values in the professional environment, that these are shared and put into practice,

  • having healthy and harmonious relationships with our circle of acquaintances. It is to learn how to give constructive feedbacks and to know how to receive them as an opportunity to progress.

It is also …


  • being guided by a leader who, while assuring a frame of security and respect, knows how to communicate his vision with charisma; this leader who shows his trust, gives the individual and collective momentum  like a team captain in thirst of excellence, the art of inspiring others and making them grow,


  • to  evolve in an environment which gives way to lightness and enjoyment, to freedom and flexibility, to initiative and creative intuition.

However, the ill-being can take place when …

  • work is not valued and we feel frustrated and slowed down in our momentum;

  • more destructive than constructive feedbacks are given and devalues us;


  • values, like listening, respect and trust are damaged by actions which aim at reducing the self-confidence ;


  • needs like « the fulfilment and the realization of oneself » and the appreciation are not fed!

While to make?


Maybe it is time to …

  • take a step back, distance yourself and ask yourself the « good » questions,

  • dare to express your expectations, your objections, to point out improvable situations, and to learn to say “no” to what does not suit you,


  • decide to work on oneself, when inadequate situations are repeated,


  • and especially explore what motivates us, livens us up on a daily basis, and connects us to it.


    Because we have the choice and responsibility to recognize and meet our needs in line with whom we are, and to go towards what is important and essential to us.

    It is also knowing how to learn from the experience, as expressed by the British essayist Aldous Huxley « Experience is not what happens to you; it's what you do with what happens to you. ». And say to ourselves that « failure does not exist, it is only a rehearsal towards success.»

    And if our success at work was simply to have known how to speak up - or finally know how to watch our own well-being and that of our environment.

    The well-being is impermanent. Whether it is an objective of tomorrow or a daily reality, it is up to us to take care!


    And would this individual well-being not also be the "responsible well-being» which we could pass on and inspire so that it becomes collective.


   And for You, well-being at work, if you had a representation of it, what would it be?


Christine Dougoud, espace confiance

Article published Feb 2017


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